The Beauty Book: Perfect Routine

Representational Image: Unsplash/ Anastasiia Ostapovych

We all are obsessed with skincare. I know I am. It’s almost like clockwork how my day starts. Get up in the morning, get ready, apply my Innisfree Green Tea Seed serum. Follow it up with my (love it) Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser (ladies, always moisturise!), slather sunscreen if I am heading out (or not, it’s usually recommended), and then finally apply my theBalm Shelter BB cream (again, if I am heading out). On day ins, which is 99% of times these days, I usually end my skincare at sunscreen.

Up until recently, when my colleague — a beauty editor with the magazine I work for, told me — I would apply BB cream or my foundation directly onto my skin. A ghastly thing to do to your skin, especially if it's sensitive. I was told, ‘Between your skin and the makeup, there should at least be three layers of skincare products acting as a barrier.’ It was then I realised why I would often break out and worsen my blackhead situation. From thereon, serum + moisturiser + sunscreen is my go-to. Never have I missed this under any cost.

On days when you feel lazy, you could still skip the moisturiser or serum depending on what kind of a skin day you are having. Pretty dry — don’t miss out on your moisturiser. Decent enough? Give your moisturiser a miss. It's just a matter of knowing your skin game too well to not let it go to the drains. Know when to treat your skin with what. Easier said than done? I felt that too, but with a little routine, dedication and an eye for detail — you can surely nail it.

Stay away from parabens and sulphates as much as possible. With the whole sustainability and ‘clean beauty’ tags consumers and brands are obsessing over, it is important to know what you are subjecting your skin to. While parabens and sulphates are chemicals you must socially distance your skin from forever, they still are required sometimes. They halt the growth of bacteria or mold in your products, and sulphates can wash off oil and grime in a good single wash. Therefore, know your skin well enough to make an informed decision.

Cleanse your face with a gentle face wash, apply serum, slather on some moisturiser and sunscreen, and you are good to go! Remember the beauty bible always states — get to know your skin first.



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